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Common Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes

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Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence. Often, a motorcycle crash results in injuries that can be minor to major, and sometimes they can even result in death. Interestingly, there are a few common injuries that motorcyclists sustain. If you know about these injuries, you can determine if you can claim compensation.


Utilizing a motorcycle as a mode of transportation is usually far riskier than using other means of travel. Interestingly, according to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are shockingly 29 times more likely to die in a crash than motor vehicle passengers. Additionally, in 2019, 84,000 motorcyclists were injured in a crash. This figure translates to 975 injuries per 100,000 registered motorcycles.


It’s likely you’re wondering what the most common motorcycle injuries are if motorcycle collisions are so prominent on United States roadways. We will briefly cover a few of the most common motorcycle injuries while also discussing ways you can prevent sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash.


Yet, you also need to remember that if you have recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, it would be beneficial to speak with a Huntsville, AL motorcycle accident lawyer. At Cloud, Ryan & Rouse, we are well learned in the Alabama motorcycle accident laws and can assist you with attaining the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have sustained in a crash.

The Six Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Seen On Alabama Roadways

1. Broken Bones And Fractures


Often during a motorcycle accident, a rider is thrown from his or her bike. When this happens, it is instinctual for the rider to try and cradle their body with their arms and legs. Thus when the rider hits the ground at certain angles, it usually results in fractured or broken bones.


Although broken arms, wrists, hips, and legs are more common, it is not unusual for motorcycle riders to break or fracture their ribs.

2. Head And Neck Injuries


The most common types of injuries seen with motorcycle accidents are head and neck injuries. Motorcyclists often experience skull fractures, concussions, internal bleeding, broken necks, fractured necks, and brain bruising. Sometimes these neck and head injuries can be so severe that they result in paralysis.


In addition to the common head injuries, there are also traumatic brain injuries. These injuries usually happen when a rider’s head hits the road or another object while they fly off the motorcycle. According to statistics, approximately 15 percent of all riders involved in an accident are diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Usually, a traumatic brain injury can have long-term effects like lost cognitive function, paralysis, comas, sleep apnea, and seizures.

3. Road Rash


One of the more common motorcycle injuries that usually do not result in death is road rash. This type of injury is a burn that happens when a rider’s skin is dragged across a roadway when they have been thrown off their bike. In most instances, road rash can occur on any part of a motorcycle rider’s body and, in some cases, even on the skin where there is protective clothing if its quality is inferior.


Additionally, even though this type of injury is not usually fatal, it can lead to serious complications. For example, sometimes road rash can lead to infections, while other times it can require extensive skin grafts, and this injury can also leave permanent scarring.

4. Spinal Cord Injuries


In the human body, the spinal cord is one of the most sensitive regions susceptible to damage and can be easily hurt. Motorcyclists often suffer spinal cord injuries, and in some cases, these injuries can be devastating. When a person hurts their spinal cord, they can suffer paralysis, nerve damage, and be unable to be fully mobile.


For spinal cord injuries to occur, a rider usually has to land on their neck or back during an accident. However, sometimes this type of injury can also happen when a person is pierced by a sharp object or when they are crushed between objects.

5. Muscle Damage


Muscle damage is a frequent injury amongst motorcycle crash victims. It is relatively common for muscle damage to occur when a person experiences road rash. Road rash scrapes away layers of skin and can scrape away the muscle too.


Additionally, hard impacts from a collision can cause muscular tissue to tear and rip when bones or other objects pierce a rider’s body. Moreover, muscle damage can happen to any part of the body, and it can even become a permanent injury that can lead to muscle paralysis.

6. Internal Organ Damage


In many instances, a motorcycle rider can be left with serious internal injuries after being involved in a collision with another vehicle. This is usually the case when a motorcyclist collides with the vehicle in a forceful manner. Blunt force trauma and penetrative trauma are commonly the culprits for internal injuries.


Often internal bleeding and internal organ damage are not immediately apparent, which is why riders should always seek out medical care even if they cannot see any noticeable injuries. It’s easy to miss internal bleeding if it is slight, and sometimes a rider might not notice if they have pierced a lung or damaged their heart, bladder, or kidneys.

The Ways That Motorcycle Injuries Can Be Prevented


Fortunately, there are many ways that motorcycle riders can prevent injuries. Below we have provided a few of the best methods one can utilize to prevent becoming injured or to help ensure any injuries sustained are not overly severe.


  1. Always wear specifically designed motorcycle protective clothing.
  2. Use a high-quality motorcycle helmet and make sure you always wear it no matter how short the trip.
  3. Make sure you always operate a motorcycle safely by adhering to road rules and noting dangerous driving conditions.
  4. Don’t ever ride your motorcycle while under the influence. Instead, always drive when you are sober.
  5. Don’t forget to always check your motorcycle before you drive to ensure there is nothing broken.

Get In Touch With A Huntsville, AL Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today To Discuss Your Right To Compensation


You should consider seeking a Huntsville, AL motorcycle accident attorney if you have been in a crash recently and have sustained injuries. A qualified attorney can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. The Cloud, Ryan & Rouse law firm in Alabama has been helping motorcycle victims for years.

We know the laws and the procedures which make us able to help you initiate a lawsuit and attain compensation while you focus on your recovery. Get in contact with our Huntsville firm today for a consultation.

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