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Huntsville Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

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Huntsville Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

While the name doesn’t sound super dangerous, slip and fall accidents are often very serious and can lead to extremely serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident that was caused by a business or private citizen’s negligence, consult with an experienced Huntsville slip and fall attorney at the Cloud, Ryan & Rouse Law Firm.

When you head out to do a little shopping, meet a friend for lunch, pick up a prescription, or do just about anything else, the last thing you probably have on your mind is being injured in the process and needing medical care. The fact is, however, that when a business fails to maintain its property in reasonably safe condition, customers can be injured as a result of their negligence – and slip and fall accidents are common.

Slip and Fall Liability

Slip and fall cases are part of premises liability law, and this is a specific kind of personal injury law that has additional layers of complications. Just because you slip and fall and are injured on someone’s property does not mean that you have a valid slip and fall case. To move forward with a slip and fall case, there are several elements that you’ll be required to establish, including:

  • That the property owner owed you a duty of care 
  • That the property owner breached this duty
  • That this breach on the part of the property owner directly caused you to be injured
  • That your injuries resulted in actual damages

In the State of Alabama, property owners are required to keep their premises in reasonably safe condition by exerting reasonable care and due diligence. If there is a danger lurking on the property that the owner should reasonably be aware of and that hasn’t yet been tended to, that property owner is responsible for providing sufficient warning to others to ensure that they can take the precautions necessary to remain safe. In other words, slip and fall cases are nothing if not complicated, and it is in your best interest to work closely with a knowledgeable slip and fall accident attorney.

Dangerous Walking Conditions

Every slip and fall accident is unique to the circumstances involved, but there are certain conditions that are most commonly associated with these dangerous accidents, including:

  • Outdoor Walkways and Parking Lots – Businesses’ outdoor walkways and parking lots are often adversely affected by inclement weather. Wet, icy, and/or snowy walkways can be exceedingly dangerous – as can debris-strewn walking areas – and businesses are responsible for doing what they reasonably can to help diminish the danger. Further, outdoor walkways that are badly worn, uneven, crumbling, cracking, buckling, or otherwise damaged can also contribute to serious trip and fall accidents.
  • Entryways – A business’s entryway is especially vulnerable to hosting the detritus brought in on its customers’ shoes. This can include water, ice, and snow – along with other debris. As such, entryways are often the site of dangerous slip and fall accidents.
  • Aisles, Hallways, and Other Common Walkways – The indoor walkways used by customers and other guests in businesses can also lead to slip and falls. Spills that are left untended and debris that’s allowed to accumulate are often the culprits, but they aren’t the only concern by any means. Poorly maintained floor coverings that are cracked, torn, frayed, slippery, or otherwise worn are another major danger. Bad lighting can also play a role – as can uneven floors and displays that jut into walkways.
  • Stairways – When slip and falls happen on stairs, they are especially dangerous because they happen from a height, and they involve impediments (the stairs themselves) that make the falling process that much riskier. Stairs that are dangerously designed, poorly constructed, or that have uneven surfaces make slip and falls more likely. Other factors like slippery paint or another kind of slippery floor covering; worn, torn, bunched, frayed, or otherwise worn floor coverings; inadequate lighting; and debris-strewn stairs can all contribute to slip and fall accidents.

When a business’s negligence causes you to hit the ground with force, the seriousness of the injuries you sustain can be alarming.

Injuries Common to Slip and Fall Accidents

The impact of slip and fall accidents is closely associated with the following types of injuries:

  • Broken Bones – The impact of a slip and fall can lead to broken bones, which are exceptionally painful injuries that are also slow to heal. A broken bone that fails to heal correctly can lead to chronic pain and even to a permanent disability.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries –Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are caused by an impact to the head or by the severe shaking of the head, and they are both extremely serious and extremely unpredictable. Even a mild TBI – a concussion – needs medical attention and can have effects that impact your ability to work for a few days or weeks. Moderate to severe TBIs can cause cognitive difficulties and physical impairments, among other effects. These can last for months, years, or can be permanent in severe situations.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injuries are typically caused by a blow or impact to the neck, back, or shoulders, and these injuries can be especially bedeviling. A spinal cord injury is generally extremely painful to begin with, and it can lead to chronic pain that haunts your future. Further, such an injury can severely limit your range of motion and your ability to move through your life with ease and comfort. A very serious spinal cord injury can leave you paralyzed below the site of the injury.

If you slip and fall, it is always in your best interest to seek medical attention – even if you don’t believe you were seriously injured. Swift diagnosis is closely associated with improved prognosis, so don’t put off a doctor’s care.

Filing a Slip and Fall Claim

Building your strongest slip and fall case is critical. This is especially true in the State of Alabama, where plaintiff negligence negates the injured party’s ability to obtain compensation from the property owner. This means that if you are injured in a slip and fall accident as a result of a business owner’s negligence, he or she is likely to come back and say that your own negligence contributed to the accident happening in the first place, which – if proven – would preclude you from obtaining compensation. Working closely with an experienced slip and fall attorney will help ensure that your case is strong enough to offset such tactics.

An Experienced Huntsville Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Can Help

Slip and fall accidents are frightening, painful, and dangerous. If the negligence of a business owner (or private citizen) leaves you injured in a slip and fall accident, the dedicated Huntsville slip and fall accident attorneys at Cloud, Ryan & Rouse are committed to helping you recover for the full damages you’ve sustained. Our legal team has the experience and necessary resources to skillfully advocate on behalf of your rights and rightful compensation. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 256-801-1000 for a free consultation today.

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