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Joe Cloud

Meet Joe Cloud

With North Alabama roots stretching back over 200 years, Joe Cloud’s heritage is as much a part of the landscape as the mountains and valleys in which he was raised. The son of a WWII veteran tail-gunner who became the first lawyer in the family and of a mother who raised her four younger siblings after her own mother’s death, Joe was formed by people who understood hard work, determination and compassion.

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Aaron Ryan

Meet Aaron Ryan

Aaron Ryan grew up in Georgia where he and his twin brother were accomplished athletes on both the gridiron and baseball diamond. Aaron learned from his parents and coaches about the work and commitment it takes to be successful. With roots stretching back to poor and proud farmers of South Carolina, Aaron’s values and integrity were carved into stone by people who cultivated their living from the earth.

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Taylor Rouse

Meet Taylor Rouse

By the time he was only 29 years old, Taylor Rouse had argued at the Supreme Court of the United States – something that only a handful of lawyers ever get the chance to do. The Court unanimously agreed with Taylor’s arguments in the case Thacker v. Tennessee Valley Authority and ruled 9-0 in his favor. Taylor’s efforts not only gave his client the opportunity to seek compensation for his personal injuries, but it will forever change the tort liability of the Tennessee Valley Authority, a federally chartered corporation that provides electricity to millions of Americans.

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