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What Causes Trucks to Rollover?

What Causes Trucks to Rollover?

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It’s not difficult to imagine exactly how dangerous it is when a truck rolls over on the road you share. Truck accidents are among the deadliest accidents on our roadways, and truck accidents involving rollovers take things to the next level. If you’ve been injured in a truck rollover accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need the professional legal counsel of a dedicated Huntsville truck accident lawyer on your side. 

Causes of Truck Rollovers 

Truck rollovers can happen for a variety of reasons, and many relate directly to the driver:

  • Speed – When a trucker takes a curve – or exit ramp – at too high a speed, the risk of rolling over onto the truck’s side increases greatly. Trucks have high centers of gravity, which makes driving with utmost care and deliberation critical at all times. Speed is a significant contributing factor in many of the dangerous accidents on our roadways, and truck rollovers are no exception.
  • Overcorrection – When a truck driver makes a dangerous driving error, such as drifting off the road, his or her natural inclination may be to jerk the truck back into position with a swift crank of the wheel, but such oversteering can lead to terrifying rollover accidents. 
  • Poorly Distributed Loads – the massive empty space in a semi’s trailer must be loaded properly and securely in order to prevent dangerous levels of shifting and accidents caused by uneven weight distribution. When the massive weight of a big rig’s load shifts or is unbalanced to begin with, it increases the risk of rollovers. The same principles apply to partially full tanker trucks. 
  • Trucker Negligence – Sometimes, truck accidents are caused by truck driver negligence that can include distraction, exhaustion, impairment, aggression, and/or failure to take the condition of the road into account (including the effects of inclement weather). 

Truck drivers are professional drivers who are held to more restrictive rules and regulations in an effort to help keep our highways safer for everyone who travels on them. 

The Damage Caused by Rollovers 

When a massive semi rolls over, the accident imperils not only the truck driver but also everyone else on the road. If the rolling truck comes to a final stop on the road, the danger to oncoming traffic is obvious. Additionally, the action of the accident itself can lead to staggering chain reactions as other drivers in the immediate vicinity do everything they can to get out of that truck’s way. Further, the impact of a truck rollover can lead to cargo spills on the road that cause their own particular kind of danger. Suffice to say that truck rollovers are as terrifying as they are deadly. 

A Huntsville Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

If a truck accident leaves you injured, the experienced Huntsville truck accident attorneys at Cloud, Ryan & Rouse, LLC, are committed to applying their considerable experience and resources to skillfully fighting for your case’s optimal resolution. We’re here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at 256-801-1000 to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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