School-Related Injuries

With the school year back in full swing, it is important for parents to recognize the many risks of school-related injuries to their children. Students of all ages can be involved in preventable accidents before, during, or after school, and if this happens to your child, you should discuss what occurred with an experienced Huntsville personal injury lawyer. The following are some of the most common school-related accidents.

Traveling to School

There are many different ways that young people get to and from school each day. There are also several ways that students can be injured while traveling to school, including:

  • School bus accidents
  • Car crashes when riding with a parent
  • Car crashes when riding with a fellow student (teen drivers)
  • Getting hit by a car while walking to school
  • Getting hit by a car while riding a bicycle to school

All of the above can result in serious injuries, especially pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. Even if your child follows safety measures, they can still be seriously injured by negligent drivers.

Playground Injuries

Recess is a favorite time of the day for many elementary school students, and playing and socializing on the playground is an important part of child development. Playgrounds offer many opportunities for accidents and injuries, and the risk increases if a school does not properly maintain the playground. Some conditions that can lead to playground injuries include:

  • Inadequate surfaces
  • Rusty or weak swing chains
  • Slides or monkey bars that have sharp edges
  • Insufficient supervision by adults
  • Merry-go-rounds and similar equipment without safety protection

If your child suffered serious injuries in a playground accident, it is important to determine whether the accident could have been avoided by the school.

Sports Injuries

Many students participate in school-sponsored sports programs, or they at least take part in the required physical education. Injuries are bound to happen in sports, and some injuries are not the fault of the school. However, there are different ways that schools and staff might be negligent that lead to preventable sports accidents. Some examples include:

  • Coaches pushing students past their skill level
  • Requiring practice in extremely hot weather
  • Not providing immediate medical attention for students who hit their heads or who might be overheating
  • Not providing proper safety equipment
  • Failing to enforce all safety rules or allowing rough play

If a coach was negligent, the school should be held responsible.


All schools should have adequate supervision and security to prevent physical assaults by other students or by unauthorized visitors to the school. The news constantly reminds us that students are at risk of assaults and life-threatening injuries at school. Schools should take the necessary safety measures to stop bullying, attacks, and other forms of violence that can result in serious or even fatal injuries to students.

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