Apps for Sharing Custody after a Divorce

Of all the difficulties that plague divorce, child custody arrangements are among the most stressful. Raising your children post-divorce involves maximizing your time together in a way that makes sense for everyone involved, which often translates to a lot of complicated scheduling. Fortunately, technology is addressing the issue, and calendar apps are helping to make some of the scheduling pitfalls inherent to shared custody less burdensome. If you have custody questions or concerns, learn how an experienced Huntsville divorce attorney can help.

Custody Scheduling Apps

If you’re engaged in custody debates, some custody scheduling apps include secure messaging, which can provide you and your ex with a neutral space to share important information as it arises. Further, if litigation continues to be an issue, keeping your correspondence in one place, dated, and in chronological order can be invaluable. Post-divorce, these apps can help keep you and the other parent on the same page regarding your child’s schedule.

When it comes to scheduling apps, there are several major contenders to consider, including:
Google Calendar – While Google Calendar isn’t specifically designed for family-based scheduling, it is a useful and free app that allows you to create a co-parenting specific calendar alongside your personal and business schedules (that you can keep private). The Google app allows you to share your children’s schedules in their entirety, including parent/teacher conferences, school holidays, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, and more. You can also program in your recurring custody schedule so that you know at a glance when your children will be with you. Google Calendar, however, neither allows messaging nor the ability to upload pertinent documents like expense receipts.

Our Family Wizard – Our Family Wizard is an app designed specifically to aid with family-related scheduling. Our Family Wizard includes every feature that Google Calendar does, but it also incorporates secure messaging between parents, the ability to upload expense-related documents (doctor bills and school lunch receipts, for example), and storage for pertinent information (such as insurance and immunization records). This app costs both parents $99 a year, so the app can be costly for newly divorced parents, and its online reviews are spotty – with complaints about crashing and lack of user-friendliness. 

AppClose – AppClose is a free app with all the attributes of both Google Calendar and Our Family Wizard. Additionally, you can initiate expense reimbursements through the app itself. AppClose has scheduling templates you can employ, or you can fully customize your own schedule. According to online reviews, this app is extremely user-friendly, but because it is relatively new to the scene, you may face skepticism or resistance if you suggest this option.

If You Have Child Custody Questions or Concerns, Contact an Experienced Huntsville Divorce Attorney Today

Child custody arrangements can be one of the most difficult components of a routinely difficult process. The compassionate divorce attorneys at Cloud, Ryan & Rouse, LLC, in Huntsville, are committed to helping you reach custody arrangements that work for you and your children. Our dedicated legal team is on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 256-801-1000 for a free consultation today. 

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